• Electrocardiography - Automatic parameters analysis

  • Hidden metallic object localization (SAR RADAR)

  • Buble-code and datamatrix decoding (embedded image processing)

  • Digital fingerprint identification (from a smartphone)

  • Embedded signal processing (DSP)

  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) on DSP and SCILAB-based simulation

Digital signal processing relates to the set of techniques relative to useful information extraction from numerized observations. The applications domains of signal processing are very numerous:

  • Image processing: object / people detection, datamatrix / data code decoding, image / video compression, etc.
  • Medical domain: processing and interpretation of electro-cardiograms (ECG), electro-encephalograms (EEG)
  • Telecommunications: numerical modulations and demodulations, channel coding (error correcting codes), ...
  • Audio: echo cancelation, noise attenuation, compression, ...
  • RADAR: reconstruction / detections of objects from their received echos
  • Robotic: localisation in space et position tracking (inertials machines / Kalman filters)
  • etc.

Specialized in digital signal processing since ten years, and having participated to projects in various domains (telecommunications, image processing, medical, ...), I propose you to share my experiment with you, either through training sessions relative to signal processing, or by bringing my help for your projects (algorithm design, high-level prototyping, embedded implementations).