Einführung in Scilab

Scilab is a free software for scientific computing, originally developed in France by INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique Appliquée) and now maintained by Scilab Entreprise. Scilab allows to work at the highest level (the basic objects are the matrices) and comes with very rich digital processing libraries (linear algebra, signal processing, control, etc.).

This workshop will provide participants with a set of knowledge base around the tools SCILAB and XCOS enabling them to deal with problems related to analysis of digital data, systems modeling and algorithms prototyping.

Training duration

One day

Date and place of training

Location: Toulouse (France), dates: contact us



I - Introduction to Scilab Introduction to Scilab

  • Introduction: Applications, description of the background (relative to other applications of calculation)
  • Environment: Scilab console, online help, editor
  • Language basics: real and complex numbers, matrices and vectors, constants, booleans

II - Graphical representations

  • 2D representations: plot and plot2d functions, color and marker selection, multiple curves plotting
  • Decorations: axis personalisation, adding a legend, a grid, etc.
  • Graphic export: To PDF, JPEG, ... formats

III - Programs realizationScilab user interface (example)

  • Programmation: Scripts and functions, control structures (tests, loops), debugging functions (breakpoints, execution time measurement)
  • Input / outputs: read / write from / to binary files, exel / csv files, audio files (.wav)
  • User interfaces: realization of dialog box, mixed windows (interfaces element and figures)