Radio channel simulation (noise, phase error, frequency error, ...)

Calling sequence

prm = chn_simu_prm();



Resulting structure defining the channel parameters.


This function enables to initialize the field of a structure defining which distortions to use when simulating a radio propagation channel with the chn_simu function. By default, all channel distortions are disabled. One can activate them selectivly by modifying the following fields:

  • White noise: prm.sigma_wn = standard deviation of the white noise.
  • Time shift: prm.delta_t = timing offset between receiver and transmitter clock (in samples).
  • Frequency offset: prm.freq_offset = frequency offset (compared to expected carrier frequency).
  • Phase offset: prm.phase_offset = carrier phase offset (in radians).
Note: TODO : complete with other possible source of distortions (selective channel, I/Q imbalance, clock offset, ...)


// Default channel configuration
prm = chn_simu_prm();
// Add white noise (sigma = 0.1)
prm.sigma_wn = 0.1;

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