Scilab Communication Toolbox Documentation

The functions of the toolbox are organized inside different modules:

  • modulations : Definition of some classical waveforms (FSK, PSK, etc.), modulation and demodulation algorithms.
  • graphics: Some plotting functions (for constellation / scatter plots, eye diagrams, bit error rates, power spectral densities, ...).
  • sym-gen : Several functions to generate binary sequences (alternating 010101, pseudo-random, LFSR)
  • simulation : Propagation channels simulation (AWGN channel, fading, etc.)
  • limits : Computing of several theoretical limits (channel capacity, theoretical ber, etc.)
  • pulse-shaping : Pulse shaping filters (NRZ, SRRC, Gaussian, etc.), symbols mapping and demapping.
  • channelization : Channelization (frequency multiplexing / demultiplexing) and baseband conversion.
  • equalization : Channel equalization (for non flat channels / wideband modulation).
  • clock-rec : Clock recovery and interpolation.
  • carrier-rec : Carrier recovery
  • ui : Utility functions for the creation of user interfaces (waveform selection, filter selection, etc.)